Monday, June 8, 2009

SFF Day 6: Paper Soldier

This Russion offering set in the 60's jumps around so much that it is almost impossible to engage.
The film feels at times like they have filmed conversations at a party at random and then again in a workplace at random. Lots of elements appear (like the bath tub) that never seem to go anywhere.

A lot of walk outs. Including mine a little over halfway through the film.
I can tell you the lead characters wife wanted a baby, his girlfriend (in Kazaksthan) bought a bath tub (Never used it as far as we are aware). He had a headache and he was working on the Russion space mission.

Erratic Film.

I didn't stay for Liza with a Z as they live via satelite inverview was cancelled.


LynS said...

I liked this one, bizarre as it was, though I am still puzzled by how any of the events link to the 'reality' of the Russian project of having the first man in space. I think (but am not sure) it is about the gap between Russian idealism and endeavour, and the cost it wreaks on everyone caught up in such projects. Beautifully composed photography, though so far Kazaksthan wins my annual SFF award of the country I'd least like to live in.

jp said...

I can live without having seen it all. But I need to know did the bathtub bought at the beginning of the film reappear after I left?

I just felt it was threads and each time you picked one up it disappeared.

The photography of the outdoors was quite lovely, and i share your opinion of Kaszksthan too cold for my liking.

LynS said...

The bathtub didn't reappear - or, if it did, I didn't notice it. But the wife and girlfriend end up as friends, with or without the bathtub.