Thursday, June 11, 2009

SFF Day 9: Visage/The Face

(I skipped Day 8 due to the craft show and family events)

Last night I skipped out on M&S's knitting group early to go see The Face. A commissioned film by the Louvre. I have been very lax with the research on the films this year and in all honesty if I had of done my research I would never have bothered to see this film.

The director made a film that stands to this day over 10 years later as one of my worst Film Festival Experience. A Thai film called The River - was met with such disdain that there was booing and (my favourite bit) someone yelled jump at the end of the movie when one of the lead characters was standing on a balcony.

The film read as interesting, fascinating even with great references and potentially beautiful homages. Unfortunately it was a frustrating meandering waffle (Try another w word if you are so inclided many of my subscription colleagues did). My own fault. Filled with unrestrained water flows (again!) , some beautiful inexplicable sequences in the snow, part of a dinner party for 17 (with only 3 guests) and funerals. And of course the girl taping up mirrors and windows.
The film maker introduced it as his dream - I could not take this journey - definitely not my cup of tea. If you enjoyed his earlier films more power to you.

We retired to the Swisotel to fortify ourselves for the doc following with a few beverages (it was a good idea).

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