Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Care Packages

So my busy June continues and as always when you are busy the unexpected happens for me that means my MIL is in hospital. She is recovered enough to be bored and would like a care project package. Some socks for her younger grand-daughter (not to small needles) was the order.

Eek Yarn, Needles, Pattern search ...go

So I have come up with Little Guys from Knit Socks (Up a needle size to fit her feet) without the fuzzy stuff.
Some Needlefood Yarn or Arucania (Ice Blues or Purple)
Needles and a Project Bag to send in

June Busy Blogfest Stats Continue
Spinning: 10 hours and another half bobbin (Optim this time)
Knitting: 120 rows (measurement body 50cm sleeve 6 of 10 increases)
Films: 29

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