Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 4 Review The Tree

This French-Australian collaboration came about due to a mutual interest by the Producer and Director in the book it is based on. Shot in Boonah Qld the landscape and the tree are just as important as the human cast in this film.

The film follows a family through it's grief process when the father unexpectedly is lost. The film is not overly sentimental but plays out slowly with just enough nuance to see how each member deals with their grief in isolation. The daughter finds solace in the arms of the huge tree in the yard, being able to communicate with her father and eventually this is shared with her mother.

This film is gorgeously shot with a loving eye to detail. The cast (especially the kids) are fantastic and convincing, real kids that interact in totally realistic ways. The editing is spot on. A truly wonderful film-going experience.

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