Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 13 Preview

Today the Sydney Film Festival draws to a close and my festival experience is rounded out with 2 last films.

This is the first year since I have been going (15 years not including a missed festival due to other commitments) that the June long weekend sees the end of the festival as opposed to the middle.

Today's films are festival jurist Yonfan's Prince of Tears and Spencer Susser's Hesher (Which was swapped with Creation). I am probably not totally disapointed that Creation (Starring Paul Bethany) was swapped with Hesher (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as Gordon-Levitt has been involved in some festival gems in the recent past (Brick and 500 Days of Summer).

Spinning: No further
Knitting: not an additonal stitch since yesterday
Films: 27

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