Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 11 Review White Material

White Material is the story of a French Colonist family who have an established coffee plantation in an un-named African country. The story is set against the political and civil upheaval of the withdrawal of the French Army. As gangs of young armed kids (rebels) wreak havoc across the land and the formal army hunts them down daily life changes. Each of the family members deals with the crisis in their own way - going mad, complete denial and attempts to negotiate a way out.

Continuous radio messages provide cryptic clues to what is going on, The complex family relationships and social upheaval offer little that is new or insightful.

Honestly, I am struggling to write a review for this film as there was nothing to get engrossed by or emotionally engaged with - essentially it was annoying, poorly shot and the characters were driven by nothing rational or deeply emotional and no hint of survival instinct. Overall pretty crap really.

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