Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 5 Review Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

This film provides you with an insight into a fiesty, smart, funny and incredibly hard-working woman. Rivers is even more confronting off TV than on. She lives her life her way and the glimpses you get into her insecurities and deep emotions are few but illuminating (this comes over as how she is with her close family and friends). Her level of persistence knows no bounds with a drive to still be relevant, performing and back on top at the heart of all her activity.

Scars from her life run deep (e.g the black-listing by NBC after she went to Fox to do her own show) and these glimpses are enough to give you insight into the things that drive her. An amazingly frank documentary where her desire to earn money and maintain her lifestyle is openly stated and sighted as the reason for various performances.

My favourite scene involved her with her daughter - a typical mother/daughter moment of disconnection. We all have them.

At the end she had me laughing from start to finish and it made me feel like I got to know what makes her tick. Was there significant insights - no (but I think that is how her generation ticks). Were there insights - hell yes. I really loved this film as it was what it was and was entertaining to boot.

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