Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on The Save The Academy Twin

Yesterday I posted about the impending closure of the Palace's Academy Twin Cinema due to a failure to resolve a rental dispute. There has been much immediate response from the film-watching community within.

The Academy was a highly used cinema during my university days with some of my first forays into art/independent cinema. Also notably towards the end of the 90's for the Sydney Film Festival Presentation of Smoke Signals a not very important film but one I really enjoyed. It hosts many of the small festivals within Sydney.

There has been much media advancement and I do ask that if you are interested and feel even strongly about this you take the time to have a read here Dark Habits blog and here DVD Bits Blog and do what you can to protest and follow @scotthenderson on twitter for updates. Also using the #saveacademytwin #hash-tag.

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