Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Return to Usual Programming

Alas my fairytale-like experience at the Film Festival is over for another year and life returns to normal. As with any return from a break in routine initial days have a feeling of flatness and dislocation.

Work, peak-hour commutes and cold mornings are now every day events. Sleep patterns that have been optimised for Film Festival viewing need to be modified with slightly earlier wake ups.

I have taken advantage of the late-night awakeness last night to do some spinning. Pulling out 440gms of Optim to spin up in (Surprise) a mix of purples. Alas with no natural light a photo is near impossible - hopefully soon.

On the knitting front I have been able to get a lot of the sleeve done on the Susie Hoodie last night between dinner and family discussions. Again the colour is a deep dark purple and photos mid week early morning are proving pretty much awful.

I have also started to flirt with what I am signing up for for the Tour De France knitalong for a big project or WIPS. One obsession gets replaced wtih another.


LynS said...

I'm so pleased you're signing up for the Tour de France. What team will you join? I've signed up to do a major project (yellow jersey) but I'm now dithering a bit and thinking it might be good to use the time to finish some WIPS (polka dot).

DrK said...

yes thats a horrible feeling, that transition from make believe to real life. sigh. a le tour. perhaps i should sign up and get another cardi finished....

Ruby Girl said...

I guess at some time or rather we all have to face reality....would be nice not to for a while longer. I must check out Tour de France, I haven't been part of a knitalong for a long time