Monday, June 28, 2010


Can you believe I still haven't finished the Hoodie.
Why not?

My hands have been distracted by work (typing) and spinning (awesome for thinking).
My head has been distracted by work.
We have a rather impressive presentation to do tomorrow (which may be followed by a heap of work over the next month). Lots of thinking, lots of writing, lots of thinking, lots of re-writing. The odd rehearsal.

So I still have about 10 inches of knitting to complete. I am hoping before Thursday night.
Thinking of distractions I was reminded of the song by Gangajang and distracted myself by trying to find it (unsuccessfully) on You Tube

I leave you with the most recognisable of their tunes Sounds of Then (Most of you will call this "This is Australia").


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LynS said...

Good luck with tomorrow's presentation - and the Hoodie!