Friday, June 4, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 3 Review - Lourdes

Yesterday I escaped the torrential Sydney rain into The State Theatre for Lourdes. The audience appeared to be subscriber heavy (Included in their ticket price) with few additional ticket holders in my vicinity. There was not much expectation for this film.

The film itself follows a wheelchair bound young woman on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The film focuses on the almost ritualistic events the tour-groups particiapte in and also the desire everyone has to find a miracle. It's assessment of religion is secondary to the almost absent minded "tourist" activities" and the absolute desire to witness or be part of a miracle, even in the absence of true religious feeling.

The film meandered along a relatively predictable course but remained low-key throughout. I didn't find this film engaging or entertaining. Neither did I find it repulsive or offensive (even including the religious content). It wasn't much of anything really - not much to say, a few things happened. All I can say is NEXT.

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