Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 2 Preview

Today my Festival experience starts in earnest.

I have 3 films planned for today with a close to 11:00pm finish.
Lebanon was the Winner of the the Golden Lion at The Venice Film Festival in 2009. Filmed entirely from inside the tank it looks like it will be an intense start to the festival.

Heartbeats could be either fascinating or frustrating the film of two twenty somethings whose friendship is rocked when they both fall for the same guy. A story of competing unrequited love.

Howl is the story of the 1957 trail of the publisher of Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL.

Reviews will follow screenings

Spinning Progress: none
Knitting Progress: 17 rows in totalmeasurement 31cm
Festival Films: 0 (yet)

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