Saturday, June 5, 2010

Film Festival Day 5 Preview

Today's film festival program has 4 films starting mid afternoon.

First up is Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work a behind the scenes documentary that claims her on screen persona is the toned down version. Should be fun.

Second Up is the Sold out Australain Premiere of New Zealand film Boy. Filled with eighties references this looks like it could be brilliant.

Moloch Tropical is a French Haitian film that looks like it could be an interesting outing

Last up is the Australian Film The Waiting City. Radha Mitchell and Joel Edgerton star. There has been lots of publicity so lets hope it lives up.

On the non-film progress the knitting has been slow and the spinning well see below.

Spinning Progress: none (but my spinning space is clean and ready)
Knitting Progress: 38 rows in total measurement 40cm
Festival Films: 9

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