Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 4 Review Cairo Time

This slow moving film follows an American woman waiting for her UN husband in Cairo who spends time with his former Security expert. There is chemistry between the two leads, but the space they occupy is so unrealistic and Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig are generally unrealistic.

The characters are quite wishy-washy and the film exists in some dream-world version of Cairo. Too much of this film asked me to suspend my disbelief that she was uninformed enough (As the wife of a UN worker?) to wander the streets of Cairo initially by herself in short sleeves and knee length skirts, of near see-through dresses. They manage to catch a train (that is empty) to a wedding and wander off to see the pyramids in an evening dress and carrying her high heels.

The one moment when it starts to get a little bit realistic when she tries to catch a bus to Gaza and is removed leaving a young female student behind goes nowhere meaniful. She starts to wonder what happens to the young girl and after delivering the letter to a carpet factory full of young women is told it is not her problem (and lets it go).

This film was a major let down.

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