Sunday, June 20, 2010


This weekend has been a series of communal gatherings for a variety of reasons. All relaxed in their own way.

Friday night started with a relatively quiet farewell drinks for a colleague. It was a time to relax, chat and laugh with work colleagues.

Saturday bought a "It's Not a Baby Shower" afternoon tea for a friend who is about to have a baby. We sat in the afternoon Sun and enjoyed good company, great chatting and some awesome food. Mostly homemade - the scones and Honey and Cinnamon yoghurt were an absolute hit. We might have had some tea and champagne.

Sunday afternoon and I spent it with some wonderful knitting friends Fee, LynS, 1FunkyKnitwit, Knittingness, AuntyToots and RoseRed. Everyone contributed to the food (we had a fair bit left) and again some Sparkling and Tea were consumed. It was a relaxing afternoon and RoseRed's little man joined us (And mainly slept and fed) much chat and knitting and just good relaxed company. The aftermath of our feast is shown below. I managed to get a heap of knitting in and am 2/3rds of my way through the visit to Sleeveland for the Susie Hoodie.

This evening I wandered up to the local bowling club where a Brass based band was playing. The cored of the band includes the Schools Band Teacher and the Parent Co-ordinator and they had invited all the kids who play brass at school to perform with them for a few songs. The kids and their brothers and sisters were running wild on the green (It's a very relaxed bowlo) with soccer (football) and afl matches in progress simultaneously. The parents were enjoying a drink and waiting for some food whilst listening to the band play.

It was nice to have such a variety of activity this weekend that was just really really relaxed. Normally four events would have me running around like the proverbial chook with my head cut off.


Rose Red said...

Relaxed gatherings are just the best, aren't they. Had a lovely time this afternoon, can't wait to see your Susie all done! Such a lovely cable and a great colour. I'm sure you'll be out of Sleeveland in no time!

missfee said...

YAY- thanks again for the great afternoon. Your susie is gorgeous.

and a brass band!!!

1funkyknitwit said...

It was a lovely afternoon, with great company :D