Friday, June 11, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 11 Preview

Today is a big day Knitting Guild, WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public Day) and Day 11 of the Sydney Film Festival. Crazily I am going to try to make it all. (I said it was big).

I am skipping Me Too to be at the WWKIP event in Sydney. So my film festival will start today with White Material by Claire Denis is set in Africa (like her previous films Chocolat and Beau Travail) and if it is even a patch on either of those will be a great film-going experience.

This evening brings on Chris Morris' controversial Four Lions a comedy about a sensitive topic - terrorism. Morris has been speaking lots about this film on radio and TV - not surprisingly this is a sellout. (I have spare seat Knitting buddies if you want to join me!)

The final film tonight brings on Cyrus dubbed an awkward comedy. We are in need of another comedy.

Apologies I didn't manage to get the preview happening yesterday as I had a bit of a family day happening.

Updating the Vital Statistics
Spinning: 8 hours 2 full bobbins - left as singles washed and drying
Knitting: 68 rows 57cm measurement
Films: 20

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