Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Sleep Deprivation

I don't know about anyone else but I haven't planned to watch any of the games (including the Australian ones). I have gotten into the habit of waking early and watching about half a game I have also been staying up for the first night games and going to bed just before or around half-time. Last night this meant not very much sleep at all. I am not sure I can sustain that for very long especially if I want to be able to back up for the Tour at all. How is everyone else going.

So, apparently we didn't get a photo of the costume before it went out this morning. Running late. The performance is Friday so hopefully I will be able to source a photo of the costume in use. Sometimes getting it done is more important than capturing it (Right).


Rose Red said...

And don't forget Wimbledon! Fortunately I can watch the replays during the day (although I am catching some of the action live!)

LynS said...

I also hadn't intended to watch any of the World Cup, but I was riveted by the NZ v Italy game a few days ago. I went to bed at half time but had SBS radio on and started listening to the second half. It was so tense I had to get out of bed again to finish watching it on the telly! Not sure if I'll be up early enough for Australia tomorrow morning - as it's already midnight that would give me about 4 hours sleep!

Sleep deprivation season!