Monday, June 21, 2010

Eco-Warrior Fail!

In recent years the number of magazines available for online subscriptions has increased. This allows you to page through a magazine (just like a catalogue) instead of a printed version.

It has a number of advantages over the printed version
  • Instantly available on publishing
  • Never losing a copy
  • Always available
  • Never deteriorating.
Anyway - I am a tech-savy knitter I thought I would like this. So last year I subscribed to The Knitter as a digital subscription. I love my iphone. My laptop (Purple!) is almost constantly by my side at home. I work in IT, i subscribe to mailing lists and online forums. This is so my way to do things! Right!....

Wrong - I spend almost no time reading the magazine. I rarely if ever go back to an issue later. I use it as a pattern resource and miss out on the editorial content. I use Ravelry to remind me what patterns I have copies of. Overall I do not get the enjoyment I get out of the printed versions.

As such I must admit I am an eco-warrier failure. Printed magazines are one of my true guilty pleasures and I am sorry digital versions (even the Ipad enabled content) you are not for me!

For me It has some disadvantages
  • No matter how good the screen on your laptop is it is hard to flip through the magazine with a cuppa or a cold-one in your backyard in the sun.
  • If your internet is down your mag is not available
  • Online technology (ipad/iphone) is not as quick as you would like to load the titles you subscribe to into new delivery formats (You knitting freak you!)
  • You need to print the pattern pages to knit from them (Not as convenient as carrying a magazine)
  • May be lost if the magazine changes digital providers.
Anyone else tried out digital subscriptions.


Bells said...

there's stuff worth thinking about here for sure. I like the idea too, generally, and storage is never going to be the problem that it is for say, my four years' worth of Delicious magazines, but yes with stuff online, I don't seem to look at it as much.

But to stick with Delicious as an example - now that may of their recipes are available on Taste, I'll use that every single day rather than leafing through the magazines. I love leafing through them when they first arrive but rarely go back to them. But searching online for specific recipes works. I wonder if the same would apply to say, Interweave, if I could use it that way?

knitness said...

I like hardcopy stuffs. I prefer magazines made out of dead trees... I'm one of the ones from my generation who, sadly, is not as eco-friendly or eco-aware as most. I mean - I recycle and reuse and stuff, but I'm not going to stop eating meat because it has excess carbon footprints or milage or something - I like meat!

Anyways, I reckon I'm more inclined to flip through a mag a couple of times than to bring my laptop everywhere. And whenever I read something like the twist collective, I just look at the patterns, and I rarely read the informative (I know it's informative because I've only read one once) articles that they also have in each edition. Hell, I haven't even read an edition from twist collective for a while!

All in all, I agree (in a very verbose manner). :D

missfee said...

I agree too - I am forbidden to take any iphone or computer into the bath so I love magazines - even when they get wet they don't die

I find I print out any digital copies and put them in a folder to leaf through - I love paper for patterns and books.

jp said...

I think searchable databases for patterns and recipes is not the same as online publications.

Like Knitness I don't tend to read the articles on the knitting magazine sites. I will use the recipes for example again and again or go back to a listed pattern.