Monday, June 7, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 6 - Review Lola

Lola felt like a documentary. Stepping into the lives of these two families headed by grandmothers and following them through the period following the death of one grandson at the hands of another.

The film follows through the every day decisions, emotions and frustrations of these families as they deal with grief and the justice system in the Phillipines. It also highlights the compromises one makes in order to survive and protect ones family.

The film is slowly paced, intense and compelling drawing you into the desperation of both these women as they try to keep their familes together and meet their commitments.
The ongoing financial negotations are an insight into the survival mechanisms in place with loans, appeals and requests for assistance. The finances are needed both to cover the funeral (for one family) and to negotiate a settlement and remove her child from the justice system (for the other).

Brillante Mendoza's intro and Q&A show a passionate film-maker who has every intention of showing the world the people of his Phillipines.

A truly unique film.

LynS was also at this film - so it will be good to see her perspective

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