Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 2 Review - Howl

Howl is one of those films that is the reason I go to the Film Festival each year.
Knowing that most films will be a mix of good and bad. Every now and again a film will transport me. Last night I was lucky enough to have that experience at the State Theatre watching Howl.

A film that could have been a standard biopic or re-enactment is a fully engrossing journey that can only occur through film.

Two elements set this apart.

The recitation of Howl in front of an audience of the characters that Franco (as Ginsberg) gives throughout the film and the magical animation of Howl that is truly the heart of it.

These elements perfectly timed between the re-enactments of the trial and the interview with Ginsberg to weave a magical engaging story that is really the story of the power of the Poem itself that has taken on a life of its own.

Howl is a magnificent piece of art worth seeking out.

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LynS said...

I'm grumpy with myself that I didn't choose to see this film. I just thought I couldn't manage an 11.00pm finish with a work day to follow. But sounds as if it would have been worth the exhaustion.