Saturday, June 5, 2010

Film Festival Moments

I have had some great Film Festival moments in the last few days. The little things that happen, the twitter comments from other festival-goers that have cracked me up.

My favourites are
  • the person on Twitter who ran into Lou Reed in Sydney and then realised that he had written a song about "Candy Darling" the topic of the film they were seeing later the same day.
  • again from Twitter the person who came out of Kawasaki's Rose last night and still wanted to know what Kawasaki's Rose is (There is a character in the film called Kawasaki who is a painter who paints flowers).
  • On the second day the shared session between day and evening subscribers required a complete empty of the theatre and sending people out into the rain to walk back in through the front entrance. This has now resulted in just emptying out into the foyer to re-enter the theatre - good work.
  • Apparently Subscribers are desired festival goers. One of my long time subscriber friends who didn't re-subscribe on time got a phone call from the office to ask why. It was informed and helfpul.
  • The use of the rope in the foyer during change over sessions. They have worked out they need to let people pick up the coffees that they order (The first time they set it up you could order and pay for the coffee but not get to the pick up point).
  • The return of the free Sydney Morning Heralds. Awesome work.
  • Q&A's the first Q&A I stayed for included the traditional incomprehensible question disguised as a rambling incoherent editorial. Some people should not be handed a microphone.
  • The woman behind us who insisted on telling her colleague that it was Charlote Rampling in Life During Wartime, when they responded with "who" she repeated it, then again and again. Generally if they don't know who she is the first time you tell them in a cinema just stop there.
For those wondering I did not make it to La Danse yesterday too much to do at home. The general concensus was good but too long. Definitely too long.

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DrK said...

great round of a busy few days! sounds like some good hits and a few misses so far. i love that thing about the question, happens all the times in academic conferences and drives me BATTY! i would have thrown jaffas at them.