Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 2 Review - Heartbeats

Heartbeats is the second film from Xavier Dolan, who also wrote the screenplay and stars in the film.

Dolan is undoubtedly talented and the film has moments of pure genius (both in the dialogue and the visuals). Some scenes, however, are too drawn out and over played. The film is complimented by a fantastic soundtrack, saturated colours, stunning outdoor shots and costumes to die for. It owes much to Truffaut's Jules et Jim for it's successes.

The film follows two friends Francis and Marie who both become infatuated with newcomer Nicolas. Their obsession plays out over the course of the movie. Unfortunately whilst Francis' (played by Dolan) character evolves a little, the same opportunity is not given to either Marie or Nicolas. The film can be very charming engaging you in the moments of interaction and anticipation, but a lack of editing (both in script and film) lets it fall short of really engulfing you.

Dolan is a talent to watch and the film is definitely worth a look, but is not the magical celebration of young unrequited love it could be.

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