Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sydney film Festival Day 11 Review Four Lions

Four Lions had lots of potential a crack comedy team directing and writing. The darkly fruitful and untapped mindfield of terrorism for black comedy gold.

The film starts out by introducing us to the cell four muslims living in London. They are one smart committed man (with a kind of reasonable approach to real life) a radical and two guys that could be led anywhere. The film makes the mistake of making them incredibly incompetent and leaves itself very few places to go.

The film has a few moments of great sketch comedy joined together by ordinary dialogue and pointless characterisations. Great one-liners floating in nothing.

This film really thought it was funnier than it actually was. Sadly, a disapointment for a work in progress over 5 years. The Q&A and intro were better than the film - unfortunately a rather ugly moment where director Chris Morris was quite rude to festival Director Clare Stewart marred a reasonably enjoyable if a little self-indulgent (on Morris' part) discussion.

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