Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sometimes the Strangest Things Take over Our Lives

Those that have seen me in person know that we have been in costume creation mode in our house recently. O has a dance concert for school and is playing the Queen from Alice in Wonderland. This means a new costume. The picture provided by the parent acting as dance teacher was suitably over the top.

What you may not know is I am not the costume maker in this house T is. T's idea of construction is much more erratic and unplanned than mine and where I will sew things properly but compromise on the features. He will not compromise on the features but will improv techniques to complete things.

What we have is endless lengths of second hand red satin, white satin, gold and black satin. New braid, 2 patterns, 2 tulle skirts, some assorted extra tulle, ribbons (hand made from the satin and some stretchy gold lycra). Hand sewn black and white stretch checked material (to match the photo). Oh and a lot of red sequin material (now cut into hearts and strips). A mix of overlocking, sewing and hand-sewing techniques have been employed.

After a partially complete outfit has been used for the first dress rehearsal he has managed to add many finishing touches and now the final trims and hemming.

Much sleep has been lost and many threads have followed me on my journeys inside and outside the house. Our dining room come sewing space has been totally consumed.

Tomorrow it gets sent on it's final journey. Good luck on your journey.

Stats - Update tomorrow

Note I have finished the sleeves and joined in the body for Susie Hoodie.


Rose Red said...

Oh, I hope we get to see a photo of this costume extravaganza!

LynS said...

How fortunate you are to have a resident costume maker. I remember just how much time and lateral thinking had to go into costume creation and just feel relieved I don't have to do it anymore. Like Jane, I'd love to see pics of the outcome.

missfee said...

I am awaiting the photos of the costume too - and I hope it is shiney enough

and OMG you knitting machine you sleeves already?!?!?!!?

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I love making costumes! Its such an indulgent way to sew vs making relatively boring functional clothing or home decoration stuff! Will we get to see pictures of the finished creation?

DrK said...

yes my first thought was i need a picture of all that satin!!oh to be a kid in costumes again....