Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 5 Review Moloch Tropical

Moloch Tropical was presented as a satire, I am still in search of the satire. A wholy serious presentation of the corruption and pressure of power this film suffered from the expectations set.

As the security of his power erodes the Haitian president slowly and irrevocably unravels. As protests and complaints increase the attempts to maintain normality in the palace become more prevalent. Anger and irrationality are not uncommon and the more low down the pecking order you are the less control you have of your destiny.

The film was well presented and at times well acted but lacked a crucial reality. I never really got away from this being an elaborate play more like a roman tragedy. Disjointed and lacking in satire this film was jarring. The audience response was muted.


DrK said...

great reviews. hows the knitting going?!

jp said...

I'll put up a kniting update later