Saturday, June 26, 2010

Late Blogging - I've been Knitting

In amongst the standard weekend activities watching the AFL (Go Pies!), shopping, procrastinating about cleaning, minimal cleaning, I have been knitting.

I have just gotten to the hood of the Susie hoodie which means just fifteen and half inches on 111 stitches. I am definitely on the downhill stretch. Hopefully all ready for grafting and blocking tomorrow.

Spinning: 10 hours 2.5 Bobbins (2 skeins of single Merino and half a bobbin of Optim)
Knitting: Total 515 Rows (i had to do the math) Measurement 2x 17 inch arms 1 x 32 inches of body.
Films: 29

I did rewatch American Graffiti and Do The Right thing on Foxtel today. I love both these movies for different reasons. American Graffiti has great music, great styling and does a wonderful job of capturing that last night before going to college life-changing events. It also has a great cast (many of whom have done amazing things since- Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford). Do The Right Thing was the first Spike Lee "Joint" I watched. I saw this originally in the 89-90 Summer release in Australia. The eighties clothes are spot on for the colours and styles popular at the time. The build up of racial tensions in the course of a long hot summer day is as tense and enthralling on subsequent watchings. Danny Aiello and John Turturro are fantastic as the father and son running the pizza parlour.

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