Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Film Festival Day 8 Review Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

This film's recent win of the Palme d'Or attracted a big audience who settled in quietly to watch the film.

The pre-credits section of the film have an escaped buffalo being recaptured. Following the credits it moves to a car trip into the hills. Uncle Boonmee is returning home to his farm.
Suffering from kidney disease he requires regular care. His sister-in law and a nephew have returned to care for him.

As he waits to die his lost family members return - his dead wife and his son who disappeared years ago very much altered. This transition into another world is easily made and at this stage the film is completely mesmerising. It continues to be so throughout. A few moments jolt you out of this mesmerising experience firstly an exploration of a past life where a princess meets and engages with a catfish in a pond (A truly memorable if disturbing piece of cinema), a flash forward into a future life and the almost tacked on ending.

A film that had the potential to be unbelievably briliant that descended into confusion, screwing with your mind and a half-attempt at political statement.

The film is beautifully shot with most scenes lovingly crafted, some flaws but worth watching. Thought provoking

drk joined me last night so it will be interesting to see her thoughts.

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DrK said...

Drk thinks this is a very good review! I will blog my thoughts more when I get home tonight, but the catfish!? Seriously, wtf?!