Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sydney Film Festival Day 3 Preview

Today I have 3 more films as part of the Subscription

First up is Lourdes from Austria offering religion and suspense. Not too sure about this one (This is the magic of a subscription - you get films you would not pick yourself)

Second up is the highly anticipated Life During Wartime directed by the always controversial Todd Solondz with a superb cast (Allison Janney, Charlote Rampling, Shirley Henderson and Ally Sheedy) I am hoping I will enjoy this. As I was not overly impressed with the Prequel Happiness this may be wishful thinking.

Lastly is Red Hill described as a genre twisting film - cop thriller meets western. This Australian offering has a cop with a pregnant wife moving into a small town.

The weather is pouring down a storm so what better place to be than inside the State Theatre watching some quality films.

Spinning Progress: none
Knitting Progress: 32 rows in total measurement 37cm
Festival Films: 3

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Bells said...

Todd Solondz is one to watch, for me. I loved Happiness the first time I saw it, then bought the dvd and watched it some time later. Wished I hadn't. Decided I needed to never engage with that kind of world again. But Welcome to the Dollhouse wasn't bad and I think he's got an interesting take on film so will be keen to hear about this one!